We are a proudly New Zealand owned and operated business, operating from Auckland and distributing products world wide. We are passionate about equine athletic performance and believe in thorough research to ensure our products are 100% effective and science based. We start our research with human athletes. If it's not effective for humans, the chances are it's not going to work on horses either!  Every product has been personally researched, designed and thoroughly tested by our team!



Our team has deep personal experience in athletics - Mark has been involved in athletics for the past 30 years. Mark has translated his performance knowledge into what is required to rehabilitate, heal and enhance performance in horses.


Demi's passion from the time she could walk and speak has been horses and she has been riding since she was two. Demi's experience with equine rehab started in her quest to heal her best friend after injury and disease were diagnosed. Improving the  wellbeing of as many horses as possible, is a personal mission for her.


Robyn has been involved in marketing for the past 20 years and is also passionate about horses.  Mark, Robyn and Demi have combined these skills and interests to take Equine Therapy Systems to the success it is today.



Susan H

Equine Body Worker

I am a qualified equine body worker and I highly recommend this massage gun. There are a few areas that its difficult for us to get into that the gun is perfect for. Its also great for my clients to be able to massage their horses daily without having to pay someone else to do it. This horse massage gun has all the power you need to make a difference for your horse!