The EquineTherapy Sytems VRB Lunged bands helps develop your horse's core and back muscle strength. Ideal for improving top line, performance and also for rehabilitation. Horses that usually rely on the riders hands for support (ever ridden a horse that leans on the bit?) can learn how to support themselves by working correctly behind and using the right muscles rather than relying on someone or something to support them.


This training and rehabilitation system has been developed to improve the posture, stability and strength by simultaneously engaging abdominal and back muscles. With correct and regular use, this system will improve core strength and stability, greater straightness, improve uphill balance and engagement of hindquarters.


This system comes with a special saddle pad with clips and 3 high-resistance rubber bands that are designed not to slip or role like regular bands. It is fully adjustable so you can increase the tension as you feel necessary. 


A fantastic aid to get your horse engaging their hindquarters and stepping through, whilst simultaneously lifting through their abdominals.


Equine Therapy Systems VRB Lunge Bands

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